Max Klammer

Frontend Developer by Passion



Jun 2022 - now

Frontend Engineer


I am super excited to be working with Pleo as a frontend engineer. I will be focusing on the main website and trying to improve top-of-the-funnel conversion through good tech, accessibility, and a framework powered by edge functions to enable A/B testing.

Sep 2021 - Apr 2022

Senior Frontend Developer

Betsson Group

As a Senior Frontend Developer, it was my job to kickstart the migration to React. We set up a new project with Next.js. One of the biggest challenges was to migrate the current PHP stack as most of the project is currently implemented as AJAX calls that return HTML. We found a way to use Next.js to implement full pages in React and created additionally a component library bundled with Rollup to introduce React components in the rest of the site. We decided to use React with Typescript for the new frontend and used the React Testing Library for unit tests. We decided to deploy the application with Docker onto an AWS EC2 cluster with auto-scaling enabled.
As the original AJAX endpoints all returned HTML, I created an API Layer that the frontend can use.

Jun 2020 - Aug 2021

Software Developer


Betsson is one of the largest iGaming companies on this small island. I am currently working on one of their largest brands by building various registrations and campaign experiences and conducting a lot of compliance work to keep the platform in line with the latest regulatory requirements. When I started, I worked with a Vanilla JavaScript frontend. While less and less software is written in this way, it taught me a lot about the fundamentals of the web. I needed to create Webpack configs, and I learned about modular ways of writing Vanilla JavaScript. Before moving to Next.js and React, I developed a POC for a component library using Stencil.js and web components in TypeScript. While my official job title is Frontend Developer, I was also allowed and encouraged to do some work on the backend, and I created several features in PHP. Finally, I made a small microservice in PHP with Docker, MySQL including Redis Cache. This experience has taught me how to do backend work and create Restful APIs, among other things. At the same time, I have been able to dive a lot deeper into the fundamentals of web development. I have also been allowed to get my hand dirty with Terraform and Ansible.

Jan 2019 - Jun 2020

Cloud Architect and Team Lead

Amygdalab Ltd.

At Amygdalab Ltd., I was tasked to create a marketable and scalable KYC solution. One of the bigger challenges was to create an application architecture that would work both in the cloud and on-premise installations. Twelve months after joining the company and after a lot of sweat and tears, we finally had a solution ready to deploy anywhere by simply pushing one button. The cool thing was that this method/technique/solution worked for all environments of our choosing. We were able to seamlessly deploy both on the on-premise servers of our customers and in any AWS cloud. After this transformation, we ended up with an impressive and modern tech stack that included Docker, React, TypeScript and Laravel. This approach was decisive in scaling up the business and helped engage customers by putting their needs first. I am also very proud that after one year, we fully committed ourselves to agile development and have experienced great successes and improvement of quality as a result.

Nov 2016 - Dec 2018

IT Business Consultant and Project Lead

Swarovski K.G.
Tyrol, Austria

As internal IT Business consultant, it was my goal to help the businesses achieve their performance goals by providing a state-of-the-art IT architecture. I felt that IT architecture is one of the defining characteristics that helps a digital company succeed, which is why I got certified as an AWS Solutions Architect during my time at Swarovski. I worked projects ranging from e-commerce (both B2B and B2C), marketplaces, chatbot and site performance analysis. These projects were built by using best-in-class commercial and open-source technologies like SAP, Docker, SAP Hybris, AWS Lambda, etc. I furthermore strengthened the agile practices applied at Swarovski. In one of my B2B e-commerce projects, we went from quarterly release cycles to a biweekly release rhythm.

Jan 2016 - Sep 2016

Master Thesis

Swarovski K.G.
Tyrol, Austria

In my master thesis, I helped D. Swarovski KG compare the performance of the main memory database SAP HANA to regular disk-based databases.

Feb 2015 - Aug 2015

QA Intern

Swarovski K.G.
Tyrol, Austria

Intern for Software Quality Assurance - Exploratory testing, writing automated acceptance tests, setting up crowd tests.


Aug 2012 - Jun 2013

Semester Abroad

University of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

I spend a semester in the most fun place on earth.

Sep 2014 - Oct 2016

Business Information Systems

Leopold Franzens University
Innsbruck, Austria

In my master's degree in Information Systems, I learned about the importance of technology in businesses and how to approach IT projects. Some of the classes I took were: Business Information System, Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Data Modeling, Introduction to Database Management Systems, Design of Information Systems along the Value Chain, Information and Knowledge Management and IT Project Management, and many more.

Oct 2009 - Jun 2014

International Business Sciences and Economics

Leopold Franzens University
Innsbruck, Austria

During my Magister's degree (the Austrian equivalent of a master's degree), I spent a year abroad in New Orleans. I focused on subjects like economics, marketing, and IT project management. I wrote my thesis in collaboration with the KMU Plattform GmbH.