Max Klammer

Frontend Developer by Passion

Slick's Slices

I love this small project. First of all, it was my first React project in a while, and secondly, I love learning from Wes Bos. Gatsby was super popular on social media among developers and creators as it can produce a lightning-fast website. That said, for sure, this is not a technology for all projects, but if you have content that rarely changes, this is surely a good fit for you. Since I have some background in scaling infrastructure, I know how difficult it can be to maintain servers, load balancers, deployment pipelines, etc. Having a statically generated site does not only make the page load super fast but it makes the website also super cheap and easy to maintain.

Having all the deploys automated by a push to a master branch is something that I really enjoy. Having spent some time on other CI providers configuring deployment pipelines, Netlify really makes it so simple. I am amazed at how cool their platform is and how well it integrates into the larger ecosystem.

With this project, I learned how a headless CMS works with this project, and I got a refresher on Styled Components, which I definitely needed. I wanted to put my learnings into practice with this personal webpage but added some more "cool" technologies, like TypeScript. 🤓

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  • Headless CMS
  • Serverless
  • Static Site Generation
  • React
  • Gatsby
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